Welcome to WWC

Welcome to Writing With Chopsticks!  I started this adventure in 2013, with the primary intention of spending time with my immigrant mom in a collaborative effort to record as many of her Vietnamese recipes as possible.  The initial goal was to preserve her art of cooking homestyle Vietnamese meals, and pass her wisdom on to future generations.  You can find the almost 50 recipes mom and I prepared together on the Mom’s Vietnamese Recipes page.  That was my first adventure in Writing With Chopsticks.

After that first culinary adventure, what happened to Writing With Chopsticks?  I’ll admit it – life got in the way.  What happened after 2013?  Marriage. Motherhood. Divorce. Single Motherhood. Co-parenting. And other adventures.  In other words, LIFE HAPPENED.  What I’ve realized is that many of you reading this can relate in one way or another, and that’s when it hit me that although Writing With Chopsticks began as a culinary adventure, it can now be a place where we can celebrate other adventures, big and small, that we face in everyday life.

Oh great. Another blog about recipes, parenting, and travel…boring, right?

Look, I get it.  There are tons of blogs and sites out there.  I’m fully aware that not all of my posts will appeal to you, but the way I see it, the things I’ve been through and learned in the last few years, and what I’ll continue to learn in the coming years, they don’t have to be for naught. 

If even one in a dozen of my posts makes you 1) hungry, 2) crack a much-needed smile, 3) feel like you’re not alone, or 4) escape the stress of your day for a even a few minutes, my efforts in Writing With Chopsticks are well worth it.

Come along on this journey with me.  Browse my recipes while I change things up around here for the better.  We’re going to talk about some of the things we all love (and some of the things we don’t), and we’re going to do it with an air of positivity as we celebrate the adventures in everyday life.

Don’t forget to Subscribe below to keep up with Writing With Chopsticks.  If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear them as well.  Who’s ready for more adventures?