I Got Ellen Tickets!

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Who doesn’t love Ellen DeGeneres?  If you’re a mom (or a human on this Earth), odds are that you love Ellen too.  She’s funny, her show is kid-friendly, and she sets a great example with her generosity.  Even if you don’t love Ellen, you can probably at least acknowledge the fact that she’s got a huge fan base…which means you can appreciate how difficult it is to get tickets to her television show.

Ellen ticketsSome months ago, my girlfriends and I were lucky enough to snag Ellen tickets to attend a live taping of the show in Burbank, California.  If you are at all familiar with Ellen’s show, you know how difficult it is to get Ellen tickets.  Getting tickets to see Ellen is like looking up to see a shooting star.  In the heart of New York City.  In the middle of the afternoon.  It just doesn’t happen!

Slow and steady does NOT win the race. Traditionally, if you want Ellen tickets, you go to the show’s website to submit your request for free tickets.  NOTE: Even if a date on the show calendar says “tickets available,” it doesn’t mean you get a spot.  You have to submit your request and can only submit it for ONE show date.  Don’t try to get sneaky and submit multiple submissions using different email addresses, and you have to use your real name (they check your ID at the show).  After you submit your request, you wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Then, the date of your submission approaches.  And it passes.  And you go back to square one.  This method did not work for me.

Locals have the edge.  If you look up online reviews of the Ellen show, you’ll notice that many of the reviewers are from Los Angeles and its surrounding area.  This may have to do with the fact that Ellen always has people on standby to fill in any extra seats.

Kudos to anyone who’s gone the standby route because it sounds like a painstakingly long affair.  You’ve got to get to the studio extra early and wait in line for hours, with no guarantee you get a standby ticket.  Even with a standby ticket, there’s no guarantee you get a seat in the studio.  The good news for those who get a standby ticket is that if you don’t get into the studio, you get to watch the show (on tv) from the Riff Raff room, which gets you guaranteed tickets to a future show.  Given how tedious this standby process is, this method tends to favor locals.  Despite how much my husband loves SoCal weather, we don’t live there, so the standby method wasn’t on my radar.

So how did we make it to see Ellen?  We won a contest!

Ellen tickets
Hey, look!  My mommy is on tv at Ellen’s show!

Enter a contest on Ellen’s website.  Okay, I’m not being 100% honest – we didn’t actually win the contest.  This is how it happened: I got onto Ellen’s website late one night – because it’s a great place to go if you’ve had a rough day and just want to smile – and I ran across a request for submissions about, “Why your squad deserves to win Ellen tickets.”  Ding, ding, ding!  Winners of the contest would get a free trip to see a taping of Ellen.  Yes, please!  I clicked on the link and submitted the requested short narrative about my group of girlfriends who have been friends since grade school, uploaded the requested photo, put down my phone, and went to bed.

A few weeks later, I received an email from one of Ellen’s producers.  It said something along the lines of, “Thank you for entering our contest, but unfortunately…” — boooo — but just before I go to delete the email, I read that even though we didn’t win the free trip, they were offering my entire group of five girlfriends GUARANTEED tickets to the show!  I texted my girlfriends (after doing a little happy dance by my computer), and then, a miracle happened.  Despite the five of us being working moms of 10 kids (9 of whom are under the age of 5), and despite us living in different cities across the country, we were able to settle on a date and book our tickets to see Ellen!

Ellen tickets
Waiting in the Ellen Shop before entering the studio.

The day of the show was great.  As contest winners, we were told to arrive later than other guaranteed ticket holders and wait in the VIP area.  We were then separated into large groups, and our group was selected to participate in a promotion outside, which killed some time in the waiting process.  Then, we went back inside and were able to spend time in the Ellen Shop, which I looked forward to because I wanted to bring home some Ellen swag.

Finally, it was time to go inside the studio.  We all turned off our cell phones and shuffled inside.  In the studio, the producers get your group’s headcount and start seating people throughout the studio.  Somehow, our group ended up in the FRONT row, right next to Ellen’s DJ Twitch!

You already know you’re going to have to dance during Ellen’s show, but man, oh man, we danced a lot.  There was dancing before the show began, dancing with Ellen after her monologue, and dancing during every commercial break.  We definitely got our workout in that day!

Ellen gives away some great things to her audience sometimes.  We were no exception.  We walked away with gift cards and a CD from the musical guest.  Sure, it would have been great to have made it to one of her 12 Days shows, but it also would be great to win the lottery.  We are grateful for our Ellen tickets.  We had a blast!

We love Ellen!

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