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Here’s a Kitchen Tip to help you get the most juice out of your limes:

It seems simple enough, but a lot of people are not making the most out of their citrus. Whether for juicing, or as garnish for dishes such as Bun Bo, try these steps the next time you need the juice of a lime:

  1. When purchasing, look for a lime with skin that is smooth in texture.  (See photo below.)
  2. After gently rinsing your citrus (don’t cut that dirt right into your juice), roll it a few times on your countertop, pressing down gently using the palm of your hand.
  3. With a sharp knife, trim off the stem end.  This creates a flat side to stabilize the lime for your next slice.  Place that flat side down on your cutting board.
  4. Here’s the most important part:  Don’t just cut the lime down the middle.  Make your subsequent cuts of the lime off-center.  This will yield a much juicier wedge that isn’t hampered by the pith running down the middle of the lime.

    Cut off center to get the most out of your citrus.
    Choose limes with a smooth outer skin.
    Cut off-center to get the most out of your citrus.
Wedges ready for efficient juicing!
Wedges ready for efficient juicing!

These steps are also applicable when you need the juice of a lemon, and even if you’re cutting into an orange.

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